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Celebrate December at Stone Point Apartments

A cut out paper snowflakes on a table with a pair of scissors next to it suitable for decorating an apartment.

December is home for the holidays, but did you know there are more than just the traditional holidays to celebrate during the month? We did some research and we’re happy to report that you can celebrate all month long at your Stone Point apartment here in Menomonee Falls, WI. Here’s just a taste of the days to commemorate.

National Letter Writing Day (Dec 7)

Choose a few special people to write a full-blown letter to this month. It will help you focus on gratitude and will give them a boost during a stressful month.

We have some tips to help you craft a lovely letter. First, use a warm greeting. Perhaps remark about the last time you were together. Next, tell them about yourself, what’s going on with you and your family — but avoid the urge to brag — just keep it down to earth. Follow up this part by asking about your recipient. Inquire about family news, what’s happening now, etc. Close by sharing some things you appreciate about them and any upcoming plans for the future. Let the person know you’d love to hear from them too. The most important thing is to be sincere and honest. Date the letter (usually in the top right-hand corner), and sign it. And that’s all there is to it!

National Gingerbread House Day (Dec 12)

If making gingerbread houses isn’t already an annual December tradition for you, making one this year on National Gingerbread House Day could be the beginning of a love affair with all things gingerbread. If you are new to the details of what goes into creating this whimsical piece of holiday decor, stop by Holidays and peruse their comprehensive resource for gingerbread houses which includes patterns, gingerbread recipes, icing recipes, and other tips and tricks for creating the perfect gingerbread house.

Look for an Evergreen Tree Day (Dec 19)

While a Charlie Brown holiday tree may exude the spirit of the season, why not take some time and find the perfect tree to grace your apartment. Look for an Evergreen Tree Day is coming up on December 19th, so if you don’t have a tree yet, check out a local tree farm or tree stand to find one and bring that fresh-pine scent into your apartment. After it has been decorated, kick back with a comforting, warm drink and enjoy the ambiance it creates.

Make a Cut Out Snowflake Day (Dec 27)

Celebrate Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day! We are including directions for a couple of different ways to make snowflakes for an afternoon or evening of fun at your apartment. This Fun and Facts with Kids post has nine, count ‘em, nine different snowflake patterns to create. Try your hand at the Flying M, Stars and Diamonds, Acorns and Hearts, and more!

We hope everyone in our apartment community has a great month celebrating various holidays! Thanks for taking time out to read our blog post today.